ESS launches Literacy 360 survey tool to help encourage reading in schools

Education Software Solutions (ESS) has announced the launch of Literacy 360, a new software-based questionnaire that schools can use to measure and monitor each child’s attitude towards reading throughout key stages 2 (ages 7-11) and 3 (ages 11-14), both pivotal developmental stages when it comes to reading and literacy.

According to the National Literacy Trust, children who enjoy reading are three times more likely to have good mental wellbeing than children who do not enjoy it.

Literacy 360 will provide crucial insights on how each student views their own reading abilities and how they feel about reading for pleasure. The tool helps schools identify children who are struggling or reluctant readers, so that early evidence-based interventions can be put place to ensure they develop a love of reading.

Literacy 360 was developed in collaboration with Adam Lancaster, librarian and head of literacy in a secondary school in the south of England. The software incorporates Lancaster’s Impact Through Reading methodology and Attitude to Reading survey, to provide schools with the ideal tool to gather insights into and evaluate the reading habits of students.

The survey includes questions about the genres that students like, whether they have books at home, how many books they read each year, and how much support they have for reading at home. Students will use the software tool to take the survey twice a year so schools can monitor progress and factor in any additional assistance that might be needed.

Using information around reading preferences, schools can stock the right books to support reading for pleasure and measure and monitor a student’s attitude towards reading over time.

Adam Lancaster, librarian and head of literacy of a secondary school in the south of England, said: “Reading for pleasure is a fundamental habit that we want to instil in all young people. Literacy 360 will help schools find ways to inspire all young children to read for pleasure.

“In terms of education, its impact should not be underestimated or ignored, and it is crucial we invest our time and resources in promoting a healthy reading culture in every school and for every child.”

Literacy 360 is available to all schools, whichever management information system or library system they are using.