Education Software Solutions partners with Applicaa to offer online enrolment for schools

Education Software Solutions (ESS) has partnered with Applicaa, leaders in online school admissions software, to offer digital enrolment options to schools.

ESS will offer Applicaa’s solutions, Admissions+ and Admissions+ Pro, alongside SIMS, its market-leading management information system (MIS) for schools. This will enable schools to offer online registrations, enrolment and virtual open days; it is expected to be particularly useful during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, while social distancing in schools is still in place.

Parents, guardians, and pupils will be able to fill in web-based forms for registrations and enrolment which can be transferred easily into SIMS. Teachers will then be able to set up classes, monitor enrolment numbers and find out which courses are more popular.

Online registrations and enrolments are an efficient and cost-effective solution for schools. It will also deliver a better experience for pupils, parents and guardians who can use Applicaa’s software on any web-enabled device reducing the need for e-mails, phone calls or visits to the school.

The integration will also help eliminate errors commonly made when information is entered manually from paper forms into SIMS. Installation is quick using a simple self-service set-up and will take less than a week to be up and running.

Additionally, schools will benefit from improved data management and accurate reporting that can result in higher enrolment numbers.

ESS has over 35 years’ experience in the education sector and supports over 19,000 schools in the UK. Its digital expertise combined with Applicaa’s software will help schools manage more registrations and better enrolment in the new school year.

Andy Bennett, CEO of Education Software Services, said: “It’s going to be a ‘new world’ when the school year starts in September and where social distancing will still need to be followed. Schools won’t be able carry out registrations as they have done in the past. Our digital capabilities along with Applicaa’s software offers a timely solution to a very real problem.”